Meet Our Executive Team

Dr. Patti Mack-Tucker
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Patti Mack-Tucker is a world-renown business strategist, speaker, and best-selling author. With over 45 years of business experience, she was a pioneering leader in her field. 

Having started from very humble beginnings, Dr. Patti rose to prominence as one of the first women owners and the first minority owner of a car rental franchise in the early 1970’s.  Since that time, her business acumen grew as her business and personal portfolio continued to expand. 

She was listed as a member of “Heritage Who’s Who” as well as an honored member of “Who’s Who – World-Wide,” a global registry of distinguished business leaders.  Dr. Patti was also a member of The Minority and Women’s Development Council and a member of the National Association of Female Executives.

Dr. Patti has served as a business consultant and leadership mentor to countless business owners, corporate executives, and cabinet level officials from various countries. She has taught business seminars in our nation’s capital and in other countries worldwide. She has served in advisory capacity in the development of businesses started through the “Ticket To Work” Program.  She also has served as a Pastor and Personal Counselor to many individuals with both physical and developmental disabilities.

Dr. Patti serves as the CEO of Dr. Patti MT Enterprises. She is also the President of The Mack Tucker Group and Co-Founder of the S.E.E.D Program.  Through “The Mack Tucker Group” Dr. Patti has developed the “Path To Prosperity” Business Empowerment Program. She is currently expanding this program into an on-line business school, which will be released Spring of 2023.

Dr. Patti is passionate about empowering others through education. In addition to authoring several books, she has developed extensive teaching curriculums in both business and ministry.  Many of her ministerial curriculums are available on The Apostolic Hub ( The Apostolic Hub is an on-line training portal designed to empower church leaders and laity.

Dr. Patti has written extensively on Entrepreneurial and personal development. Some her titles are currently available on These award-winning titles include “Help For The Wounded Soul” (Book & Companion Workbook) and “What You Should Know Before Starting A Business”, which is in its 14th year of publication. 

Elizabeth Hendally
Vice President

Ms. Hendally serves as President and Senior Consultant of The Dream Factory.  She is a degreed professional with an established track record of helping business make millions and even billions of dollars.  She began consulting 25 years ago when a man named Eric Thomas brought his dream of holding a city-wide conference for at-risk youth. This collaboration turned into a hugely successful three-day event and launched a career of helping doctors, land investors, authors and other media personality – bring their business dreams into reality.

Mrs. Hendally has worked extensively with individuals with disabilities in both professional and personal capacities. Mrs. Hendally was professionally employed as an Employment Specialist, (this title is also referred to a Job Coach.)  In this role Mrs. Hendally successfully provided Job Placement Assistance to her clients – helping individuals with disabilities successfully obtain full-time employment.  Mrs. Hendally developed specific Job Training Tools to assist clients in Job Readiness Training.  She also assisted with and completed job applications for clients and helped them with interview preparation. Mrs. Hendally worked with her manager in the implementation of necessary Job Accommodations. In this capacity, she provided ongoing employment support in terms of job retention and job stabilization.  While in this position, she received her specialized training from Indiana University as an Employment Specialist.

In addition to this experience, She has had the distinct honor of helping an individual on disability start and successfully build a multi-million-dollar transportation company through the Indiana Vocational Rehab and the “Ticket-To-Work” Program.

Although this process took seven long years, Ms. Hendally was able to attend all required training sessions and even wrote both the Feasibility Study and Business Plan for this company’s launch.  This Business Plan raised over $13,000 in start-up capital and positioned the company to quickly grow to over the next 10 month to a valuation of over $1 million.

Throughout her career, Ms. Hendally has worked as the Vice President of a multi-million dollar transportation company which she co-founded.  She has also worked in mid-level management at NextLink Corporation, helping to secure a $1 billion investment deal with FedEx. 

In addition to these corporate positions, she has continuously worked as a consultant to other organizations.  As a result of her Business Development expertise, she was able to help Cirrus Technology position itself to be valued at $3 billion.

She is currently working in the Business Development Program of the Mack Tucker Group.  She has a strong desire to help individuals attain the life of their dreams through business success.  Through partnership with The Mack Tucker Group, she has become certified to accomplish this lifelong mission.

Ms. Hendally graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Business Management.  She has also studied Spanish language and culture in Valencia, Spain.   Ms. Hendally has earned her MBA (candidate) and holds certifications in Spanish,  Microsoft SharePoint, Website Development, Video Production and 3D Motion and Graphic Design.

Valerie Saunders Pope, Speech-Language Pathologist B.S. M.A. C.F.Y.
Director of Specialized Employment Services

Mrs. Pope is a celebrated and distinguished professional with over 40 years of direct support, teaching and program development for disabled  individuals, and the general education population, in Northern Indiana. Although her storied career centers around support services provided through the public school corporation, Mrs. Pope is also a highly sought-after support trainer and mentor. She holds a life-long teaching license from the State of Indiana and was twice awarded as Teacher of the Year with special recognition.

Mrs. Pope has received specialized training and extensive experience in the following areas: 

• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Speech Therapy
• Augmentative and Alternative Communication
• Phonological disorders
• Apraxia
• Audiometry/Hearing Screenings
• ADOS Team Training – ADOS is used to determine if one qualifies for ASD (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule)
• Hearing Impaired/Deaf
• Rehabilitation therapy [stroke, aphasic, TBI, head injuries – She was granted an internship-St. Joseph Medical Center/worked for St. Joe’s Rehab Dept./Out-Patient as well residents in nursing homes 

In addition to her extensive training and experience Mrs. Pope has developed programs, successfully solicited grant funding, and conducted training and various workshops to train and certify other disability support specialists. Highlights from her training and administrative experience include:

• Solicited language-development funding. This program covered a wide range of language skills [semantics, long-short term memory skills, spatial relationships, analogies, receptive/verbal language skills

• Developed Pre-Testing and Post-Testing to validate program effectiveness.  
• Presented at Indiana State Conferences on Learning Disabilities
• Presented at Early Childhood Developmental Center-Notre Dame (ECDC-ND) on language development [recommended]
• Instructed class on language development at IUSB [recommended]
• Career Panelist at Notre Dame University via Allied Health (recommended)
• Mentored students at St Mary’s College in Speech-language pathology program.

In addition to her many individual accomplishments, Mrs. Pope was part of the team that developed two highly-successful programs for moderate to severely delayed speech and language children – (Preschool Activities for Language/Articulation Stimulation – PALS).   Mrs. Pope is also an award-winning author, public-speaker and a featured guest on media programs.